Level 4 courses:

There are eight individual Award courses available at Level 4. These are:

  • U401 – Managing responsible selling
  • U402 – Understanding segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • U403 – Managing a sales team
  • U404 – Operational sales planning
  • U405 – Sales negotiations
  • U406 – Analysing the marketing environment
  • U407 – Finance for sales managers
  • U408 – Writing and developing a sales proposal

Level 4 Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management:

The Certificate comprises four units in total. There are two mandatory units:

U401 and U402

Plus any two other optional units from:

U403, U404, U405, U406, U407 and U408


Level 4 Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management

The Diploma comprises eight mandatory units:

U401, U402, U403, U404, U405, U406, U407 and U408




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